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Suite 11 / Level 5
35 Buckingham Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

“Thursday Design are our confidants, strategy advisors and our friends.”

They also do great marketing, discarding all that is hackneyed or unclear, to distil the essence of what we’re on about and then communicating it beautifully. They keep us disciplined and alert us to danger. Thursday Design is a very special design firm.

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“Thursday are passionate and avid believers in creating something that is beautiful.”

Be it a printed piece of collateral or an online application. They have an amazing ability to craft a product that has texture, character, movement and flow. This is a true talent and one of the many reasons why we’ve continued to work with them.

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“Thursday Design have never let us down. No matter how big the job.”

No matter how big the job, how tight the timeframe or how outrageous my request they have acted professionally, surprised me with their ingenious and creative solutions and most importantly – delivered each and every job on time.

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“The level of service, creativity, care and experience is without doubt, second to none.”

I first worked with Tristin Hanna and Craig Johns in 2006 when they where the creative force of another company. They were responsible for the creation of the One Agency brand. I was so impressed by them, when it came to updating the One Agency brand in 2011, I searched for them and found that they are now operating as Thursday Design. The level of personal service, creativity and care I have experienced is without doubt, second to none.

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“Over the years, Thursday has become an extension of the William Buck family.”

If you’re looking for just another graphic designer then Thursday is not for you. However, if you’re looking for someone to guide you in developing a brand strategy that conveys your vision and values in a meaningful way then that’s Thursday.

Over the years Thursday has become an extension of the William Buck family. And like all family members they not only offer support, but give honest yet constructive advice that challenges us for our own good. By doing so they’ve become the custodians of our brand and really help push us beyond the obvious.

And it helps that they’re really impeccable designers too!

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“Thursday are the kind of designers that give you what you don’t know you want.”

Thursday Design are the kind of designers that give you what you don’t know you want. I often try and pre-empt the outcome but they always surprise me with their super creative ideas. Kind of makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it first. They make it look easy. Thanks guys for another amazing result and for all those early mornings and late nights.

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“It’s refreshing to work with a team that demonstrates a great deal of passion and care.”

I have continued working with Thursday Design since they launched our new brand in 2010. They provided valuable strategic input on our new positioning as well as design solutions and marketing collateral. They quickly grasped an understanding of our business objectives and made a positive contribution at every step of the process. It was refreshing to work with a team that demonstrates a great deal of passion and care about the project outcomes. They are simply an essential part of our team. We could not ask for more.

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“Digitalpress have worked with Thursday since the very first day they started.”

Digitalpress have worked with Thursday Design since the very first day they started. They have consistently approached and executed our project requirements with clever, fresh, engaging and positive results. This ultimately keeps Digitalpress consistent with our brand mandate of being synonymous with quality and innovation.

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“Thank you for the absolutely brilliant work you’ve done on our brand.”

I just wanted to say thank you for the absolutely brilliant work you’ve done on our new branding and website.

It feels lovely and fresh and really tells people about what and who we are. Finally we’ve got a website we can be truly proud of! Its been a great experience working with you all – we always felt like you had everything perfectly under control.

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“Thursday always exceed my expectations by thinking strategically.”

I have been working with Thursday Design for many years. They always exceed my expectations by thinking strategically about my business. They simply deliver more than I expect and achieve results. Most of all, they’re great guys to deal with.

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“Thursday Design are reliable, consistent and never complain.”

They don’t compromise on quality or design, an attribute that I greatly admire. I really enjoy working with each and every member of their team, all of which are friendly, accommodating and talented. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Thursday Design.

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“He was the best looking boy in year 6 and coloured in well.”